About PlaNet

We help businesses to achieve plastic neutrality by closing the loop of plastic waste through integrated, impactful solutions. The model is based on the following 6 pillars:

  1.  financing model based on FMCGs purchasing plastic credits
  2.  implementation of new waste collection technologies
  3.  advanced sorting for recyclables
  4.  traditional recycling of recyclables (or return back to FMCGs if relevant)
  5.  non-recyclables sent for co-processing
  6.  provision of plastic neutrality credits to FMCGs

We provide responsible organizations an avenue to invest in newer solutions to tackle urban plastic pollution and marine littering. Our circular solutions can manage large plastic volumes, redirecting them from landfills and oceans and helping to achieve a resource efficient future. We help our partners move beyond the traditional waste disposal paradigm, creating a positive impact on their brand while contributing towards a zero waste society.

The plastic credits are a transformative way of driving investment and innovation in collection, sorting, recycling and recovery infrastructure for plastic waste. This supports building a waste management system that is efficient, transparent and equitable.

Plastic waste: A snowballing crisis

Plastic pollution worldwide will double by 2030 unless major changes are made in how plastic waste is managed as per a recent report by the World Wildlife Fund.

In most countries the lack of adequate infrastructure for segregation and collection is the key reason for inefficient plastic waste treatment. Planet solutions is addressing this challenge by supporting the creation of closed loop waste management solutions at the local level.

A comprehensive and effective pathway to plastic free environment.

Service Offering 


Segregation / Sorting

Recycling and Recovery

Track & Trace

Plastic Neutrality Certification

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Planet adopts novel collection and segregation solutions for plastic waste. Such solutions include Geocycle Bubble Barriers to capture the plastics from rivers to address marine littering, PlaNet App to manage urban post consumer plastic, or mobile sorting stations to divert plastics from landfills.

After collection and sorting, the plastic will be redirected to one of the following pathways:

  • To producers for recycling and replacing virgin plastic resin.
  • Recycled through existing local infrastructure.
  • Non-recyclable plastics to be channeled to cement plants for recycling and recovery through co-processing


Why choose Planet solutions

We help businesses close the loop of plastic waste through integrated, impactful solutions that:

  • Enable a clean plastic free environment
  • Help create sustainable livelihood opportunities
  • Help our partners build a brand their customers love


Financial Contribution

Opex & Building Infrastructure

Rewarding of Supporters & Local Partners

Track & Trace Transparency


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PlaNet Solutions

To recover large quantities of waste, we have developed the following range of technologically & socially-driven waste collection initiatives, that can be implemented either simultaneously on a single project or separately in different parts of the world:

Geocycle Bubble Barrier

Recognizing the need to address the challenge of marine plastic pollution, Geocycle is implementing a smart, noninvasive technology to efficiently remove plastics from rivers before they reach the oceans. PlaNet Solutions is partnering with CanadianPond, to implement the ‘bubble curtain’ technology. Ships and fish can pass through the air bubbles, but plastics will be stopped. The bubble screen brings waste to the surface, channels the plastic on to the riverside, from where it will be extracted.

PlaNet App

A key lever in the fight against plastic pollution is efficient collection and management of urban plastics. The Planet App proposes to use mobile technology to reduce plastic pollution and create resilient livelihoods for the urban poor. This digital-based solution offers end-to-end full service waste management services by connecting together waste generators, collectors & processors. This ensures 100% transparency and traceability in supply chains, as well as full visibility over operations. The concept promotes a reward driven recycling, matching those who want to sponsor cleanups with anyone willing to clean it for a reward.

Landfill Diversion

Our solutions ensure post consumer plastic waste is diverted from landfills to large scale sorting stations established at landfill sites. These highly efficient and compliant sorting stations reduce the volume of waste going to landfills by redirecting plastic waste, and sending it for recycling and recovery.